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Bartering in online promotion

Website promotion is extremely crucial for anyone trying to do business online. Most companies and especially young ones try a multitude of methods to promote their websites. There is a wide range of effective tactics that serve to boost your website traffic. In this post we will focus on the most affordable ones.

The term of bartering refers to the act of trading of services or goods with no money involved.  Online-bartering is usually associated with Ad Swapping. That basically works as an exchange of links on websites based on the preliminary agreement. This tool increases the volume of traffic and improves rankings within search engine indexing for both websites. To start using it you need to contact the manager of another website and make an offer of adding reciprocal links on both websites.

Banner Exchange is another example of reciprocal cooperation, when one website agrees to put a banner advertising another website in exchange. It’s usually considered as a stronger promotion tool than a simple weblink placement, as banners have a wider attention-getting capacity.

The idea of button exchange is similar to the described ones and can also increase the number of web surfers coming to your website.  

Another great solution is to make your website advertised by several web resorces at the same time using web rings so that larger numbers of new potential customers can be attracted.

So online-bartering, reciprocal linking, exchange of buttons or banners and application of web rings can be efficient for small low-budget  companies and are definitely worth trying if your budget is limited .

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